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Een nieuwe #tipsvaneeninstaprof

Het heeft even op zich laten wachten, maar eindelijk is er dan weer een nieuwe tipsvaneeninstaprof. Voor deze editie ging ik de grenzen over all the way to Sweden!! Ik mocht Christin van @earthlyurbaninteriors interviewen. Zo leuk! Ben stiekem beetje fan van haar namelijk. Haar positiviteit, energie en creativiteit zijn eindeloos. Superleuk en inspirerend. Lees zelf maar.

1. When did you start on Instagram and what was your purpose?

I started my IG about a year and half ago, when I decided to make myself self-employed as Interior Stylist and Designer.

2 .Dit you know what niche you would want to post about or dit it evolve along the way?

I originally intended to post more about my client work, but after starting out I realized that 'normal' people don't want to have their homes across the internet. So I changed direction and started playing about with my home instead  and try things such as DIY's and different colour treatments, that might help others to jump outside their comfort zone.

3. Where do you get your inspiration? For your posts and for your designs.

Literally from everything; magazines, Pinterest and most of all my fellow Instagrammer’s. I mean there is just such an abundance of creativity out there that amazes me all the time.

4. I love that you have an own individual style !! Do you find it hard to stick with your own style?

I am so happy to hear you think my style is individual. But I most definitely think my style is constantly evolving with pushing boundaries further.

5. How do you stay focussed on your goals?

I always liked to keep a little mental goal board in my head. I always need an ‘end goal’ to work towards to. However that does not mean that this ‘end goal’ can not change over time.

6. What is a hard no go! For you regarding Instagram? Or an irritation ?

I got to be honest, there is not really anything that annoys me about Instagram. And if there is a day, when a post doesn’t do well or what not, than I just like to remind myself that Instagram is a very free tool that is always a bonus and should be seen as such. Because if it wasn’t for IG I would not have met amazing people like yourself. 7. Do you have tips for women who look up to you and also want to make it as an influencer?

Oh I wouldn’t see myself as Influencer as such, as I am not making a living from IG. But if you like connecting to like minded people always stay true to yourself and just play nice. Most people can see quite quickly if you mean what you are saying and if you are enjoying yourself. Personally, I don’t like seeing people complaining about Instagram itself, but love if they open up a bit here and there about the real behind a nice image. 8. What are your plans for the future? Regarding you business / Instagram.

Well I can say so much, I do have plans, but I like to keep them under wrap for a little bit longer. So stay tuned 9. It seems like your always happy and always present on insta . What happens when you have an off day? How do you stay motivated?

I tend to only come on Insta (stories specifically) if I am in a good mood to spread some good vibes. Days off I spend with my family, just enjoying time away from social media (both work and private) and get out of the house. 10. What are the most fun things you experienced through Instagram and what are the negatives?

Meeting sooo many great people! And also getting a chance to be featured on amazing blogs and magazines. I mean I am reading all those blogs and magazines and then seeing your own home is a pretty great feeling. Negatives? Honestly I don’t see any It’s free and it’s fun!

Thanks for your cooperation Christin! I really enjoyed our dm's ;)

ps. wil jij dat leuke beddengoed en andere items ook in je huis? Christin heeft een webshop waar je bijna alles terugvindt en ze verzend over heel de wereld!

Web: www.earthlyurban.com

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